Our mission today

The mission of the Doug + Laurie Kanyer Art Collection is to build a strategic, international art collection dedicated to collagists from 1980 to present. One of the collectors’ key values is to intentionally archive the artists’ work in order to celebrate the medium, support the artists, and develop a record for study and historical significance. Acquisitions are made on an ongoing basis, in response to public calls to artists and through private inquiry with the support of an advisory committee. The collection will be published and available online and public presentations will be made through various exhibitions. 

Artist work featured in logo: 
Top row, left to right - Aaron Beebe & Zach Collins, Ben DiNino, Fred Free, Cheryl Chudyk
Middle row, Left to right - Carol Reid White, Todd Bartel
Bottom row, left to right: Allan Bealy, Aaron Beebe & Zach Collins, Laurie Kanyer, Meikel Church